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Guided Walking Tours


Westminster Walk (3 hours)
Including guided tour of Westminster Abbey, London Eye or river cruise.
We start at your hotel and journey to Green Park for a gentle walk around "Gentleman's Land" - home to clubs, restaurants and shops frequented by the upper classes throughout the years. Some of the shops are more than 300 years old and fashionable to this day.  Customers include royalty as they live just around the corner; St. James's Palace (formerly home to Charles and Diana), Clarence House (formerly home to the Queen Mum - now Charles and Camilla) and finally Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen.  We will pause to enjoy the world famous Guard Change which takes place most days.
A walk through St. James's Park will take us to Downing Street, home to our Prime Minster, and on to Parliament and Big Ben before we pay a visit to Westminster Abbey.  The church contains 600 memorials and 3000 graves, incl. Charles Dickens, Elizabeth I, Darwin, Newton, Oliver Crowell and many more. This is where kings and queens are crowned. The Abbey is also famous for royal weddings amd Princess Diana's funeral service. 
This walking tour is perfect for first time visitors. Your tour could also include a guided flight on the London Eye or a guided river cruise. You decide.
City Walk (3 hours)
Including guided tour of the Tower of London or St. Paul's Cathedral
We travel by public transport to Embankment Station and join a high speed river boat for the scenic journey down the river to the old City of London.  Sights en route include The London Eye, Tate Modern Gallery, St. Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge.  We disembark at the Tower of London which has stood at the river approach to the City of London for almost 1000 years.
During your private guided tour of the Tower you will hear all about this famous place of execution and the hazards of being married to King Henry VIII - two of his queens lost their heads here!.  The Tower is also home to the ravens, beefeater soldiers and of course the world's biggest diamond; the 1st Star of Africa. 
We leave behind the historic Tower to explore the modern City.  Fancy skyscrapers rise from the narrow and ancient Roman streets but the old town is still visible at ground level.  The old pubs are much in demand when the area's bankers need to drown their sorrows during the working week and make perfect film locations during the quiet weekends.  One pub even featured in a Harry Potter film.
A short walk takes us down to the old stock exchange, past the Bank of England and on to St. Paul's Cathedral for an optional visit to this architecturally stunning cathedral.  This is were Charles and Diana were married and Winston Churchill's funeral service took place.  We finish with a trip on an old double decker bus to Trafalgar Square.