"Please send the guide our warmest regards.  The tour was a perfect combination of fun and facts"

AP Moeller Maersk Shipping

"That was a great tour of London, everybody loved the way you combined history, sightseeing and information about today's economy in the UK.  And everybody loved your sense of humour!"

Juergen Below, Publisher

 "A wonderfully informative and entertaining guide who went to extraordinary lengths to keep the dozens of logistical details in perfect order and running smoothly"

American Airlines

 "It was a great success thanks to you guide who accompanied us throughout the whole event in a very professional way.  He vitalized the journey with lots of information about the British metropolis - including a high level of knowledge about the financial and real estate markets"

Berliner Bank

"Jakob verdient noch einmal ein Extra-Lob, denn es gab keinen Teilnehmer, der nicht von ihm geschwaermt hat. Mit einer aboluten Sicherheit und Laessigkeit hat er uns durch die 2 1/2 Tage gefuerht, und jeder Programmpunkt hat durch ihn gewonnen"