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We offer study tours for business, public sector and special interest groups on a wide range of subjects, including:


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Every tour is different...

Our Specialist Tours are really different.


Recent Projects: 

Client: City of Amsterdam

Subject: Prostitution & Red Light Districts

Duration: 4 hours

One of our more unusual tours and we were initially puzzled by the request. It turned out that the City of Amsterdam is making changes to their famous red light district and looked to London for inspiration and ideas. We planned and conducted a tour of areas commonly associated with prostitution. 

Soho is a prime example of what can be achieved when residents, prostitutes and the authorities work together. Seedy bars have given way to trendy coffee shops. Prostitution has become less visible but continues - and always will - but now in a safer and policed environment.


Client: Danish housing association

Subject: Social Housing in the UK

Duration: 3 hours

This group was interested in the UK approach to social housing. We conducted a walking tour of housing through the ages - in the East End and Docklands. From homes "Fit for Heroes" after the First World War to today's "Part Rent-Part Buy" developments.  

Now, boom has turned to bust and thousands of private city centre flats remain unsold. This could be a golden opportunity for social housing and many housing associations are doing deals. However, the future for the private sector is currently looking bleak.


Client:  German shop designers and clients

Subject:  Inspirational London Shop Interiors

Duration:  3 days

Napoleon accused Britain of being "a nation of shop keepers". Shopping has certainly become a national obsession and London's retail scene is one of the best in the world. 

A leading shop design company and their clients in fashion, design and furniture are coming to London for inspiration. We are planning a tour of original and beautiful shop interiors across London.  This tour will provide an insight into the highly competitive UK retail scene - with up to date info on rents, locations and design trends.